K.G.B has been proven to safely and effectively protect your body from alcohol damage and prevent hangovers through clinical trials in the top Russian military medical academic hospitals.


Spirit of Sobriety Ltd.

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History of K.G.B

Do you remember how it used to be?
- now theres only K.G.B

K.G.B, the world's most effective hangover remedy, was developed inside of the former Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Behind a wall of secrecy, Russian military scientists toiled over the Soviet Union's legendary weapons of war: ICBM missiles, nuclear submarines and Mig fighter jets.

At the same time, top Russian scientists in the country's military and medical academies were hard at work on a more subtle weapon of war. These scientists were handed the task of creating a formula that would stop their intelligence agents from getting drunk and thereby getting an edge over other spies during covert missions worldwide.

Unfortunately the Russian spies still got drunk, but they all remarked that they did not get any hang-over the day after and therefore they continued to take the K.G.B. Product on a daily basis.

K.G.B reduces painful hangovers, oxygenates your body for faster recovery and help eliminate the toxins created by alcohol consumption.

So, whether you are drinking Vodka during a covert operation or simply having a few drinks at a local bar, you can use Russian military technology to minimize the damaging effects of alcohol on your body and to prevent a hangover from .